Explicando erros que nada importam no contexto

Isso aqui se tornou a minha privada, sentimental ou não, geralmente de vômitos e cagadas cheios de odio, tristeza e algumas lagrimas secas de amor. This has become my sentimental(or not) toilet bowl, usually vomit and shit filled with hate, sadness and some dry tears of love.


The whole world become so cold

I have been waiting impatient for a new message from her, that smile with a slight cleft in her chin, I want to bite and kiss it. How can I do this?

The rocks in my way that I kick off and hit the ground like a meteor, full of color as the happiness that she brings me, and all that goes so far with her, where it's hot and here is so cold, just as the tracks that the life gives me.

...And without her by my side the whole world become so cold.

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